Thursday, January 01, 2009

Word of the year: Listen

For 2009, my word is listen. I had many good word candidates but listen was the one that jumped out the most and said "Ponder me!" the loudest.

As we start 2009, my life is still full of uncertainty and change. While these things are constants in life, I think that the uncertainty of job futures and the addition of a dear new soul in our family constitute big changes and uncertainties. One blog I was reading had someone else pondering how to handle the change and her word was detach. I found it fascinating to ponder and think about her word, but it wasn't the word for me. I pulled up the list of good possible words and started making notes.

Adaptable, Willingness, Acceptance, Courage, Confidence, Release, Patience, Grace, Expansion, Peace, Savor...Listen.

Like a light going on, I knew it was my word. I wasn't sure why yet, but as I thought about it, things made sense. It is easy to ignore the things our bodies and spirits tell us. The inner voice can be crowded out of our sphere of conscious listening so easily and I have thought several times in the past few months that I wish I was better at listening and attending to those things. Sometimes I hear them and still ignore them and look back and wish I hadn't.

Additionally, there are my children. It is too easy to only half listen to them, to go on auto pilot sometimes in meeting basic needs of nourishment and love. Which is why savor appealed to me. But I think really listening to them is also a big part of it. I will make a point of giving them my attention and really listening to them as they communicate with me.

I really think that applies to our interactions with all people. It is too easy to be on auto-pilot and not really listen to what they are saying with their actions and words. So instead of reacting to what I hear at first, I will try to more actively listen to what they are saying.

Listening this year will involve more pondering and meditating within the sphere of my religious beliefs. It is a valuable practice to be able to sit in the quiet and listen. I love to do so outside on my patio and really listen. I hope to do so more often this year and learn from it.

It will be a year of listening for me. What will your word be?


Stephanie said...

Listen is a great one, too.
A very gentle word, to be sure.
I needed to back even further with mine (Still), so that I can learn to pause in all moments, and come from Spirit and authenticity.
I'm hoping to learn much this year by refocusing and taking the time to come from the absolute Center.

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

Awesome word. I think EVERYONE could listen a little more ;-).


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