Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Venturing out with Grandma

With Fishing Grandma's help, we managed some short trips out toward the end of last week. A short trip to a weekly park day was much needed for the kids and the next day Grandma treated us to a trip to Chuck E Cheese for a little bit.

Fishing Grandma snapped some pictures at the park, I pretty much sat in a chair and chatted with other moms. The boys had a blast; there is a great rock feature in the playground we were at this week that is popular.

First a photo of me as I added more blankets to cover Munchkin and I.
What is Trainboy contemplating?
He received a recorder for his birthday, though he sees it as a magic flute a la Little Einsteins. It was the favorite toy of the day. Did he give a concert to the ducks?
Dinoguy in the thick of it with kids atop the rock wall.

At Chuck E Cheese, we found new toys since we last visited and also that the boys skills had improved on some games. A virtual ride was very popular, it vibrated you and moved you as if you were flying/riding a roller coaster/etc. while you watched the animated graphics on a screen. Grandma got in more cuddles with Munchkin and multi-tasked by studying some of her poetry homework as well.

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Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

You look fab momma! Aren't the first few outing with a little one the best?


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