Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun with Fishing Grandma

We were lucky enough to get Fishing Grandma all to ourselves for a full week after the birth of Munchkin. Shortly after she arrived, Fishing Grandma took a nap. Dinoguy declared we had sleeping beauty on our couch and snapped this picture, while Trainboy fed raisins to her while she slept (or attempted to).
Fishing Grandma played lots of games with the boys. She also managed to get some cuddling time in with her newest grandbaby. She really enjoyed the fairly warm and sunny weather we have here (most of the time), having come from the bitter cold north where highs did not reach 0 F during some days while she was gone.
Munchkin doesn't seem to pleased about the sunshine and bit of chill in the air, but through an indoor window she seems to bask in it.Here are some cute shots of the boys playing on the swing set, just because they are so cute, it was a warm day, and I had a camera handy.

Even more exciting was that Fishing Grandma's birthday occured while she was visiting, which meant cake! The boys suggested mini train and dinosaur cakes and Grandma agreed, so here they are decorating their pieces of the celebration. (A build your own train kit that Trainboy received for Christmas, built with Fixitman and then painted can also be seen in the photo.)
Here is Fishing Grandma with all the candles I could arrange on her little cake before she protested. Apparently she didn't want as many as her age. :DOne of the perks of visiting? Getting to be sat on by your grandkids in the morning when they want to watch TV. Trainboy will even steal your blankets!
And my cousin and her baby stopped by to visit while Fishing Grandma was in town. He is so big and cute! (And only 5 months old!)
There was more fun... but that's enough for one post don't you think? And lest it seem like it was all fun and games - Fishing Grandma cleaned the house, did the laundry, helped with food, made me take naps and rest...we were really glad she was here helping!

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Help is always fantastic with a newborn!


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