Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Why is there a giant trench in our yard? On that nice warm day that we planted the pineapples, we also smelled gas outside and called the gas company. They came Friday night and agreed there was a leak and shut off our gas. Of course there was a cold spell coming thru starting that night!

We've been having an adventure, heating water on the stove to make a warm bath for the kids and to do dishes and running space heaters in our home to make it not cold. However, the adventure needs to end, and Fixitman has been working hard to help that happen, despite the weather (that is a nice thick coat of ice you see there) and non-helpful plumbers and city inspectors.

I'm not going to rant about the whole thing here, but instead focus on how awesome it is to have a husband who makes things happen - like the trench that still wouldn't be dug or the line that wouldn't be laid if it weren't for his hard work and phone calls. We still don't have gas turned on due to the adventures of finding leaks in the house as well, but the end is in sight.

Meanwhile, I've decided the middle of the yard really is perfect for a garden now that its been all dug up anyway. And Sarge does not understand why we won't let him go play out back in the nice big hole we dug him. He's highly offended. The boys have learned all about how appliances work, how we get our utilities and are immensely enjoying camping out in mom and dad's room. (Easier to keep them warm and monitor them in the cold!) Fixitman got an awesome workout helping dig a trench and Munchkin just keeps on being a cutie. My advice? Don't call the gas company on Fridays.


Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

Oh man! That doesn't sound like a very fun adventure, but I am glad some good is coming out of it!

Stephanie said...

Ack! How irritating!

I have some serious advice for you - don't plant your garden at the perimeters of your yard - animals need those outside boundaries to roam and bark. It's their job, and no matter what you do, they need to be able to make their path around the edges!
They will anyway, so just let them.


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