Thursday, January 01, 2009

End of year reflections on Gentle

Instead of making traditional resolutions last year, I chose to focus on a word, and my word was Gentle. I didn't blog about my word as much as I intended to; procrastination in taking a picture of the Gentle drive sign near my house may have contributed to that. However, the word was always there and I was contemplating, thinking and musing about it.

I don't think I am done with the word Gentle - it is such a lovely idea and word that hopefully one day an adjective that describes me is gentle - I'm not there yet. But I have learned a lot this year about gentle.

Being gentle involves love. Love for fellow creatures and beings and remembering that love in all situations, even those that may irk us. It involves allowing imperfections in ourselves and others and not thinking or treating people as less for those imperfections. Gentle is compassionate and slow to anger. Gentle is recognizing our own limits (or those of others) and accepting them with grace, even when we feel thwarted. Gentle is apologizing to children or animals for mistakes and outbursts to repair the relationship. Gentle is providing hugs and acceptance even as an individual lashes out at you or throws a tantrum.

There have been lessons in gentle from my children, my husband, my dog. From strangers and friends and just in my own reflections on situations. It has been a good year to practice gentleness. I will continue to try and be gentle always.


Stephanie said...

I loved Gentle, as you know. :)
Now I'm off to read this year's.

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

As a parent, I think gentle stays with you forever ;).


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