Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts from a new (again) mother

It has been a busy few weeks. We have been taking every chance we can to get to know our newest family member, whom for now we will call Munchkin. Her nickname may change soon, as we get to know her better.

When there is so much emotion entangled in an event, I struggle to write about it. Hence the photo log of her first few weeks. We have taken many pictures.

I had started to think I should just be happy with the two boys I had been given and stopped hoping for a third child when I found out I was pregnant with her. We were pessimistic at the beginning, given our track record, but then we heard the heartbeat. Then each week that passed made it seem more likely that she was coming. We worked to prepare for her and now she is here and she is a joy and a blessing.

Both big brothers are always asking to hold her and asking how they can help. They are wonderful children. It hasn't been easy, I have forgotten how tough women are in working to give birth, to nurse a baby, to lose sleep at night for our babies. I have experienced for the first time mastitis, possibly thrush, and an allergic reaction to medicine as well these past few weeks. Fixitman has had a lot on his plate. Thankfully my mom was able to come and help for a week. We have good supportive friends as well.

Listening and remembering to be a gentle listener has been a challenge. Being aware of the needs of my own body, my new baby, my family, my dog. Listening to promptings and quiet voices that can easily be missed.

Even in the challenges, there is so much joy to find. Babies exude joy and happiness. So do my children. It has been a joyful time, though I am glad they don't stay newborns for very long.


Pam said...

This post makes me smile. My smile started with the picture of your sweet baby daughter which also made my daughter smile as she was walking by the computer "aahh, cute, who's that?". Then all the memories of pregnacy and recovery made me smile. Then your words "Listening to promptings and quiet voices that can easily be missed" true.

Thank you for the smiles!

Hopefully the mastitis and thrush don't last long!

mariann and Tory said...

Mastitis hurts! Not fair! Hopefully yours goes away quickly! She is a cute little munchkin!

Sarah said...

Aw, you made me tear up. I don't think I'll be doing the birthing thing again, but it's hard to forget that overwhelming birthing process and how much you have to process afterwards.

I hope you're healing from the mastitis and thrush and that the allergic reaction wasn't too bad.

Snuggle in until spring hits.

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

They truly are a precious gift, aren't they?

Rachael said...

Munchkin is a sweet nickname. It's always an interesting adjustment welcoming another little one into the picture. You seem to be handling it better than most. You are a wonderful woman!

Allie said...

Look how happy she is! That would put a smile on anyone's face!


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