Saturday, January 31, 2009

Under the house

During the saga of the gas line repairs, Fixitman crawled under the house to look for more leaks. This was Thursday (Day 6 of no hot water!) and waiting until a plumber could come do it was not happening.

He knocked on the floor when he was underneath us and said "Hi!", freaking out Sarge and causing the boys to ask where Daddy was. When I explained it, Dinoguy was ready to go. I first told him no, it wasn't safe, and he seemed to accept it. However, a few minutes later he was out in the yard intently studying where the new gas line went into the house and examining the ditch with renewed curiousity. When he came back inside, he came to find me and burst into tears, "I just want to go under the house with dad!" Apparently crawling under the house is fascinating.

Now, the idea of going under the house to me is up there with letting spiders, snakes and cockroaches crawl all over me. Not going to happen. When I realized how much he wanted to go under there, I showed him the access point, hoping the fact that it was totally dark and just dirt under there would dissuade him. Nope. He got his sweatshirt and shoes on quickly. When I objected that he'd get dirty, he shrugged and said "So I'll take a bath afterward!"

So when Fixitman came back, I explained everything and he agreed that Dinoguy could go with him when he next went under the house, after going to the store for a part.

When he came back out of the crawl space under the house, he said "It was so cool under there Mom!" and then went and got ready for a bath (I heated water on the stove so it wasn't a cold bath). What a lesson for me about boys (or at least about this boy!), he loved it so much!


Coach Peeni said...

No gas for 6 days??? Whaaaat?
As for going under the house and worrying about spiders and all the rest, a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do.

Allie said...

Do y'all still not have gas???

It is good to see that I am not the only mom out there that doesnt mind too much about her boys getting dirty.

KMDuff said...

We got gas again Thursday night, thankfully. :)

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

I bet that was a hard one for you to let go of Mama. I have had those things to, in my mind it's just awful, but in the kids mind it's the next adventure!

Miranda said...

Wow, I never realized how much I differ from the norm on this one! I grew up in a trailer, so I crawled under it and built forts and played hide and seek. I guess a house is nastier, but I'd still let him go under in a heartbeat, prolly wanna go under myself just to see!

Btw, the weather in California is boring. I actually miss the heat! And I said that to someone from Arizona today, and she said she did, too,so apparently I'm not completely nuts...


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