Sunday, November 30, 2008


Lots of morning cuddles and watching the movie Ratatouille. Dinoguy asks if we can open our own restaurant and feed rats. Make sweet potato waffles.

Hang Christmas lights on the outside of the house. Boys sing impromptu songs and help joyfully.Trainboy in front of the lights this evening

Lunch and then we drive to drop Dinoguy & Fixitman off at the super secret location of Dinoguy's (late) birthday surprise with dad.Fixitman doesn't want to deal with a camera. So here they are when we dropped them off.

Trainboy & I go and find a letterbox then come home and make saxophone cookies (and other instruments and Christmas ones too!) Watch videos of Thomas' Christmas and Toy trains at Christmas.
I also got a saxophone, drum & piano concert. He is asking for a flute and guitar now too!
Prepping and freezing produce from cheap sales earlier in the week. Snacking on leftover pie, salad, cheesecake...

Took Sarge for a walk/looked at the Christmas lights in our neighborhood.

Checked out Bembo's Zoo and Classics for Kids games with Trainboy. He likes Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Spring better than Handel's Water Music. Though he did say it sounded like Water. He wrote his own Spring songs in their compose your own music area afterward.

Time to go pick up Dinoguy & Fixitman. (They were at Six Flags with the free tickets Dinoguy won this summer.) Lovely day.


Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

What a cool surprise for Fixitman!

Mel said...

I love this photo of Trainboy @ the end of the post. He looks so thoughtful and sweet. Sounds like a fine day with the family.

Allie said...

Time to get some rats...ha ha just joking. We actually had some and they were neat and all, but I was the only one in the house that took care of them. Couldnt have that.

I like the last pic...such a sweet face!

you still want info on DPS stuff? I've been frequenting a fossil forum ( and have found some cool places to go with the kids.

Here is one for you: North Sulpher River in Ladonia off the Hwy 34 bridge just north of town. Look up info on the NSR online and then take the 2 hour drive north of Dallas there. We found shark teeth, mosasaur verts, flint scraper, baculite y mas.


Ashlee and Bill said...

What a great way to use those tickets! I bet they had a great time, and your hair is getting SO long. Whats the latest babywise?


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