Sunday, November 23, 2008

Building the swingset

Last weekend we serendipitously got a free swingset on Craigslist. Someone who had recently moved into a home with a swingset and didn't want it there offered it up to anyone who wanted to come get it so off we went!Of course we had to go there, disassemble it and bring it home and reassemble it - not a quick task - but for Free? The boys were super excited and big helpers. It was an all weekend project! The kids have played on it almost every day of the past week, having lots of fun.Eventually we may give it a nice new coat of paint to stop the surface rust that has sprouted up in a few spots and make it look newer. But for now, it is ready for playing in our yard.


Stephanie S. said...

Not a bad deal, since you guys have nice weather All Year Long! (no, I wasn't complaining. Really.)

Trish said...

Free is good!

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

Nothing better then free!

Allie said...

We got us a free wooden swingset for our kids. My husband had to disassemble and then reassemble as well. The only bad thing is that after a year of our kids roughhousing on it, it is about to call it quits.

Wishing you many hours of enjoyment for your little ones!

Mel said...

Backyard swings rock! Miss you guys!


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