Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween fun

We spent Halloween with cousins, visiting their theatre for the kids Halloween show and costume parade, then going to another Trunk or Treat and finishing up with a few houses of actual door to door.

No photos of the actual show - and sadly I didn't take any of Blackbeard the pirate, as my camera battery died in the middle of the costume parade.
Trainboy gets ready with other kids, but his train is falling off.
Can I get some help over here please?
Adjustments by Fixitman...
His very awesome pose in the middle of the stage on his turn. Netted him 3rd place in the costume contest too!

And then my camera was dead. Before Dinoguy did his pose or before they lined up all the kids and they danced - it was adorable! Dinoguy has moves. Oh, and before Trainboy reached over for a piece of candy and...derailed, falling on his side. Oh the hazards of being a train!
I tried to get some photos of them together in their costumes. This is what I got. :)
And then they were off to the party for food and another parade.
Lining up for this parade. Fixitman with his sister and niece. Note Dinoguy's awesome retro pumpkin with hat lid! It's from Fixitman's childhood I think. Very fun.

I wish this shot was in better focus, I think it's a pretty cute shot of Dinoguy. Trainboy is zooming to join him too. :)
Do you think he liked his costume? Um - yes. It's pretty much an awesome toy.
Actually working for some candy by going house to house at the end of the night a few times.
Trunk or treating is easier... but not as fun IMO.

We went to 6 houses total after the trunk or treat before heading home and collapsing into sugar comas in our beds. What a busy Halloween!

We went to a fun after Halloween costume party the next evening, but I didn't take the camera! Oops. Kids loved more reasons to wear their costumes! They were intermittent put it on, take it off things though - after all being a train or having a tail can seriously impede your range of motion. :D

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Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

Wow, you guys really made the most of the Halloween season!!!


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