Monday, November 10, 2008

Playing in the leaves

Last year there just weren't any leaves and we mourned not getting to play in the leaves like we had done in Utah. There are some great memories and photos of leaf play in our family.
I've determined it was the new neighborhood without giant trees that made for the lack of fall foliage for playing in and it is just another strike against the modern subdivision for me. I like older homes with big beautiful trees.
We don't have as many awesome leaves here as we might, since our front yard tree is a live Oak that doesn't really lose it's leaves in bulk. But our back yard has some good leaves and Fixitman made some piles for the boys to jump in this past week.Dinoguy was out there in a flash, his first comment on seeing leaves fall from trees was to ask if we could jump in them like we use to in Utah. Trainboy joined in the fun and even Sarge decided that leaf play was fun.


Chrispy said...

*leaf envy*

Bridget said...

I wish there were enough trees anywhere out here - old or new neighborhoods - to have a good amount of leaves. I am learning I am just going to have to accept the brown.

Allie said...

What is nice for us is that our neighbor has several mature oak trees that lose their leaves and change color and a maple tree all lining our property. The kids get to play in the leaves every fall...although I dont expect to get a big pile of leaves for another two to three weeks. Usually after the first week in Dec.

Have you ever been to Lost Maples State Park? It is in Texas and very popular this time of year. You may want to check it out.

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

How cool! We have had a ton of leaves on our trampoline this past week. Lots of fun in the leaves have been happening here as well.


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