Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Accidents happen

Shortly after Dinoguy was born, I remember clearly having the thought that now I couldn't protect him from getting hurt, now that he was no longer connected to me and safe inside me. It was a terrifying thought, as I am some what of a klutz; realizing that I am not strong enough to protect my son from all physical pain.

The past month of May brought a pretty bad fall, when walking the dog with Fixitman. Dinoguy tripped and started to fall, Sarge kept going, (at a pretty fast speed, they usually run together) and Dinoguy hit the ground pretty hard. Fixitman called me on the cell phone and told me to come get them right away with ice, as Dinoguy was growing a pretty good sized egg on his head. I must have checked him for concussion signs every 20 minutes for a few hours.

Of course, he has had other bumps, bruises, falls, infections, illnesses and more. Every time he bumps his head hard, or gets a cut, all sorts of awful stories go thru my mind, thanks to Reader's Digest, the newspaper, magazines, the internet, etc. So I check him over carefully, and care for the injury as best I can, praying that I don't miss any signs of more serious injury.

We have had our first bike fall about a week ago - that one was scary to me, but the neighbors came out and brought ice and popcicles and the popcicles seemed to be the therapy that worked best. Thank goodness.

This past weekend brought one of my personal nightmares to life. An injury that requires a hospital visit; it's that bad. It happened to my younger son - Trainboy. It involved Trainboy's hand and was a hatchet wound that had me hysterically calling people asking where the nearest hospital was and trying to comfort the scared brother at the same time while Fixitman attended to the blood. (I do not handle blood well. If there is only a little, I can suck it up, but large amounts of blood cause me to get rather sick.)

Thankfully the wound did not cut any arteries, bones, ligaments or tendons. He was still able to move all his fingers and the x-ray came back clean. The doctor used 8 stitches to close it up - something I was not able to watch him do as it involved them wrapping him up, a large man leaning on him to prevent him from moving and several nurses assisting in keeping him still. Fixitman stayed near his head and tried to provide the physical comfort that he needed and the mental distraction that helped somewhat. Both a nurse and Fixitman advised me not to be nearby, and my weak stomach for blood agreed, so I stood a bit off and listened to my baby cry and cried along with him.

The photo of the stitches was taken 24 hours after they were done, you can see it started healing up quickly, he is doing great. Fixitman carefully cleans the wound and changes the bandage twice a day while Dinoguy & I distract him from looking at it. As long as he can't see the stitches, Trainboy seems to be alright with his bandaged hand. But the first cleansing of the wound was hard, as he remembered getting the stitches.

Tonight Dinoguy fell off his scooter and got some scrapes. We are feeling very human and vulnerable around here. I am feeling very blessed that things were not worse with Trainboys' hand. It has taken me 3 days to be able to write about it, it isn't easy to remember and share our experiences with pain.


Roni said...

I can only imagine how hard that ER visit had to be & listening to your baby cry - my heart aches & goes out to you.

I have no doubt that that will be me one of these days w/ one of my children and hope I can be as brave and strong as you have been.

Anderson's said...

EEK! Blood! I am not good with that either! Sorry to hear about it--hope he is feeling better soon!

mariann said...

Oh my heck! How scary! We hope you don't have any more visits to the doctor this year! Scary!

Chrispy said...

You're right - it's hard to admit that we're human and it's hard to write about pain. :( I hope he heals up quickly!

Mel said...

I am so sorry you guys had to go through this. I know it was difficult for each of you. Hope it heals well and he can get in the water again soon!

The Kane Family said...

That is exactly how they had to hold B down for the stitches in his head when he was 3. Except it was me who had to comfort him while he screamed and fought, D isn't good at things involving blood and needles. Eventually he passed out from the stress,it was one of the most horrific moments of my life. I am so glad he is feeling better, you are so strong to handle such a scary event so well!

Kristi said...

There's nothing harder as a mom than to see your little ones in pain. Thankfully we haven't had anything major happen (knock on wood) but I know we will eventually. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it.

Hope said...

Ouch! That looks painful! Did I mention though that I went to volunteer at the ER in the hospital here? I had to opportunity to watch them give stitches to a guy with a huge gash on his head from a hammer and ´assist´giving the stitches. It was really cool!
Anyways, I hope both the boys are doing better. I can´t wait to see you later in the summer!


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