Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We're going to the zoo

We went to the zoo this week and had a blast. We love seeing the animals, the boys amaze me with their ability to name so many of them. Here are some photo highlights of our trip.

Don't the boys look cute in their safari hats they bought last time?

Here we are looking at the cheetahs, who love to stalk around in the bamboo, staying mostly hidden. You just have to watch for movement in the trees.

They loved hugging this baby elephant statue. Was it because it was cool metal or because they love having their picture taken? It was neat to show them the full sized elephant that this baby grew into.

Here we are with our friends all lined up looking at the Gerenuk, which can stand up on their hind legs.

We rode the zoo train, and Dinoguy loves holding babies. Of course someone gave him bunny ears in the background. :)

In the old Texas town, they had a fake water tower with "gunshots" in the sides causing it to sprinkle out water for kids to play in. Trainboy couldn't get his hand wet, but Dinoguy loved running through the water.

While other kids were getting wet, Trainboy was having fun in the stagecoach.

We spent quite a while watching the pancake tortoise in the background. He was trying to climb up rocks a bit to far for him, and frequently fell backwards on his back against the glass and then tried again. It was quite funny.


Roni said...

What a fun day!!!

I love the picture of Dinoguy holding Baby G!!

Chrispy said...

I'm glad you all had so much fun! I love the Dinoguy & Baby G pic too!!

The Kane Family said...

We had a blast with you all, great pictures!


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