Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Days at home

While I don't have any photos of today, it was a busy and full day of fun at home.

I spent most of the day dealing with food for the next week. Planning meals and making shopping lists, finding coupons, shopping (which Dinoguy helped with), cooking and prepping food. We had vegetable soup and biscuits at Dinoguys request for dinner and made Creamy Lemon Pie together for dessert. It was a good summer meal, the fresh vegetables in the soup really popping with flavor and the cold dessert being very refreshing. I also made chocolate zucchini bread with some of the zucchini a friend gave me, (it did not use enough zucchini though!), started crusty sandwich bread for tomorrow and blanched and froze the fresh corn for this weekend so it wouldn't lose its sweetness (hopefully). I was dealing with food ALL day. Hopefully the rest of the week will flow smoothly and easily on the food front as a result.

Dinoguy helped with the chopping, mixing and cooking, and we also made more wiggly wonder slime for him to play with. Trainboy built and played train tracks a good while. There was cowboy rope play for a while, singing of songs I think were being made up, games of hide-n-seek a walk with scooters and Sarge, playing computer games, and TV shows.

We have a new (to us) Veggietales computer game that I think Dinoguy has played completely through 5-6 times so far. He isn't quite ready for the Math blaster games we were given, but likes trying them and seeing the animations. He does love to watch Cyberchase and as I watch with him, I wonder how much of the math he is absorbing. Only time will tell there I guess. :) Trainboy likes to visit Thomas the Tank Engine's website, as well as Caillou's train building game and Peep video's online are very fun too. He also likes to animate the train you color when searching for Zee on (sense a theme?)

Time spent watching TV and playing computer has dropped off this week again as they have caught up I guess on all they missed while we were traveling. We do so many fun things throughout the day, but many of them are short and simple and it would be easy to focus on the large amounts of time that they seem to be in front of electronic media sometimes But when I watch with them, I realize how much more they are doing than just watching the TV and that they really don't spend more time with it than I do. There is so much more going on usually with toys and such even while watching TV.

While there is so much out there about limiting children from electronic media, because of the potential negative effects, there is a small but growing amount of info out there about choosing not to arbitrarily limit access to these powerful resources, but teaching them how to use them and allow them to self monitor their choices. I could go on and on about this, but really, I'm just glad we have chosen to focus on the positives (which there are so many) of electronic media (TV, computers, etc.) and yet make sure there are many other options available and shared with our kids. Our family is thriving.

When I first started blogging I didn't feel the urge to include photos with every post. But other blogs used a lot of pictures and I started using them more too. Photos are fun, but I'm tired of feeling constrained by them in my blogging. There doesn't have to be a photo for a good post. And days full of busy play and work like today often aren't shared because I never thought to pick up a camera and document the day digitally. So today, I'm sharing anyway.


Roni said...

I'm glad you decided to share. :-)

It sounds like a wonderful day.

My kids love computer games, too (and, we don't limit them in any way). Actually, I'd like to get their computer hooked up to the internet so they can have access to all the resources that are out there.

And, I WISH I could get as organized with our meals as you are!! :-)

rob said...

But photos dont require me to think or have any imagination. How will i get by?

Chrispy said...

Kudos to you for getting all of your food stuff organized in advance! I keep saying that I'm going to do that too... HA like that's gonna happen. Enjoy the payoff this week!

The Kane Family said...

Keep on posting photo-less! I like hear about people's adventures even with out visual aides.
I agree there is so much more good that comes from electronic media then bad. All it takes is an involved parent!

Rachael said...

With your full days - I dont blame you for thinking it a step you just dont want to take in getting more pictures on the blog. I think you're amazing! I love how much interaction and learning you bring to your children.

PS - send some of you pie our way :)


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