Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday party fun

We got to go to the 1st birthday party of a family friend, and had a great time. There were many fun things for kids to play, and good times were had by all. Here is a fun picture of 2 of the kids, waiting for cake. I can't believe I got a real smile from her, she usually gives me her signature glare.

Ooohhhh... pretty...

What a great shot of Dinoguy eating his cake.

The cute baby enjoys his personal birthday cake.

What a fun party! :)


Roni said...

I'm so bummed that we missed the party!! I looks like it was a blast!

I love the chocolate-covered birthday boy. :-)

And, that picture of Dinoguy eating his cake is too funny! Mmmmmm...cake!

The Kane Family said...

He did enjoy it, didn't he? That picture of K is great!


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