Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swimming & playing

Wednesday was a full day of swimming and play for us. We went swimming with friends in the morning and early afternoon, celebrating Trainboy's ability to swim again.

We had lots of fun playing in the pool and at the playground, and when we were tired of the pool we headed home with our friends and Dinoguy & friend played Spongebob Monopoly & Rumis with the moms while Trainboy and the twins played trains and cars.

We played outside and rode bikes, played with Sarge, had snacks... wish I'd taken more pictures like my friend did! Good times.


Chrispy said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of swimmy fun!

Rachael said...

Love the pool - no sand, no broken shells to hurt feet - miss that.

Can't wait till my boys are old enough to play monopoly. We're starting off early with Ducks in Tow and Connect Four - I'm building them up slowly :)

The Kane Family said...

Full day!

Roni said...

Yea!!! for Trainboy being able to get ALL wet again!!! :-)

Yup, we were "in the neighborhood" that day & if the kids hadn't been under-the-weather, would have SOOOO been there at the pool with you guys!!!

Sarah, Chris, Elijah & Sadie said...

Sometimes the best days are the ones that you don't get with the camera!


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