Sunday, July 20, 2008

Learning to sew

I have been making a cross stitch stocking for Dinoguy since before he was born. I am getting close to done on the Santa that goes on the stocking... but there is still a ton more to do. One of those crafts you buy and start thinking it'll be fun and realize that you just took on WAY more than you thought and then you are all stubborn and refuse to quit. (At least that's how its played out with me.)

Dinoguy saw me working on it one time and wanted to know all about it and when he found out it was for him, he wanted to help. I told him I'd teach him how to cross-stitch his own craft if he liked and we used a coupon at Michaels to buy a cute little kit for him. By the time we had bought it though, he had moved on to other things and he didn't bring it up again until today. Today he saw me crocheting (another project I started) and asked if I would teach him to sew. After clarifying if he meant crochet or sewing machine or cross-stitch, I found the little kit and we sat down on the couch and I began to teach him all I know about cross stitch. (Which isn't a ton, it comes from my memories of my mom teaching me and then experience with the stocking.)

It was interesting to me to notice for the first time as I tried to explain everything to him how much learning there is in sewing. Reading the graph for where to put the stitches, counting the corresponding grid on your cloth. Finding the center of the cloth. Counting and separating threads and threading a needle!

I really thought he might get overwhelmed or discouraged because while I'd thought the weave of the cloth was big enough for him, it was still kind of small and took some work to get the right holes. Nope, he was very very in to it and didn't seem to get frustrated at all and we worked carefully for about a half hour until I needed a break (it was time for my Sunday nap!) He's still not quite independent as the blind hole search from underneath is hard for him.

Then he cuddled up with me while I fell asleep. Then he proceeded to wrestle with his brother on top of my legs while I tried to sleep. Then he apparently went to his bed and took his own nap, because I woke up later (probably because it was unusually quiet) and everyone else in the house was asleep! I love Sunday naps! Oops, he's awake and asking if we can cross-stitch some more. Gotta go!

And I need another kit now for Trainboy. He wants to learn now too.


Chrispy said...

There *is* a lot involved with cross-stitching! What a great way to learn and create!

mariann said...

I have one that is almost finished for Tory. I bought it 10 years ago and I still have a little bit left.

The Kane Family said...

What a great thing to learn! Not something most kids get to enjoy I would suspect these days!

piscesgrrl said...

I just dragged out a family quilt project we started last winter and forgot to finish. Must be that time to complete craft projects! I'm impressed - when I suggest projects like that my son looks at me like I have 3 heads. :-)

Roni said...

What an awesome day!!

Just goes to show how much they can focus on something when they're "interested" in it. :-) (again, unschooling rocks!) Very, very cool.

Love the story about the naps.:-) (I could picture it all in my head & it made me smile a lot). :-)

Mel said...

What an awesome day and a cool think to learn.

Kristi said...

I love to cross-stitch, and I've done a birth record that I've framed and hung on the wall for both Easton and Evi. I bought two more a couple months ago to get started on for the twins, and I'm not getting much done on them! The thought of doing two is a little overwhelming.

Sarah, Chris, Elijah & Sadie said...

Oh- I hate cross-stitch. I started one of those projects a LONG time ago and never finished it. It haunts me. It is funny when you break things down how many pieces of learning are involved that we don't even think about.

EC said...

Can you teach me to sew? I'm not very good at it. :)


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