Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blueberries & Letterboxes

Saturday was a fun adventure for the boys & I. Fixitman is up in Idaho at his high school reunion and having lots of fun without us, so we decided to go have some fun ourselves. (He has the only camera battery, even though we have 2 cameras, and I never went to the store for another battery, so no pictures!)

The morning was spent playing trains with a little friend from church while his parents helped move someone else's refrigerator with our truck. We built the train track around the house again, and the boys played for over an hour driving trains and building track. Then we moved outside and played in the backyard with bikes, slides & bubbles, and enjoying popsicles.

Our promised new front door was finally put on by the landlord and looks wonderful. Fixitman will do the finish painting on the frame and door when he gets back, it looks much better and is safer too. (Though our neighborhood is a safe one, I still prefer a solid wood door to an old hollow one!)

After all of that fun, we packed up the truck and drove east to pick some of the last blueberries of the season here in Texas. It was hot and the berries were smaller since it was the end of the season but we had some fun and then ate blueberry muffins and drank blueberry lemonade in their store afterward.

Then we went letterboxing in the nearby town and country and found 6 boxes and 1 hitchhiker. One of the boxes was quite a spooky adventure for me, it was in a cemetery behind a church with waist high grass. Both the church and the cemetery had an abandoned look though there were recent stones, so I think its just not kept up, but it really gave a spooky feel. Add to that big spiderwebs and the possibility of snakes in the high grass and I was quite jumpy. There was another box there, but I didn't find it right away and my nerves decided I should quit. (The boys had smartly decided to stay in the nice cool truck for that box.)

We stopped at a gas station for snacks before driving home, and the boys slept most of the way. We gorged ourselves on blueberries at home before freezing the rest. It was a wonderful day of play and adventure.


The Kane Family said...

That does sound like a busy fun day. What a spooky letter box area!

mariann said...

That is to bad that they don't up keep the ceme. Sounds like a real adventure for you guys though!

Roni said...

Mmmm...blueberries! :-)

Spooky churches & cemeteries -- I think I would have stayed in the nice, cool truck with the boys.:-)


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