Monday, September 08, 2008

Playing "Konk" with Sarge

The black blur running in the photo is Sarge. One of the things the boys love to do on the weekend is go down to the empty parking lot of a nearby building and play "konk" with Sarge. "Konk" is what they call it, maybe because of the sound the Kong makes when you throw it, I'm not really sure. But don't try to call it fetch or Kong, because you'd be wrong. It's konk. Sarge loves to play konk - we play every day in the yard, but it's nice to go down to the parking lot where he can break into full sprints and really chase the Kong a long way - and get nice and worn out for a spell. A Kong is a type of dog toy - it looks like two rubber balls melted together and then hollowed out. It really is an awesome dog toy. Sometimes the boys bring their scooters and race around with Sarge as we throw the kong. No matter what, it's guaranteed fun for the whole family, even Sarge. :)

PS - Sarge passed his Canine Good Citizen test, even with all the curveballs they threw at us in the test. He is officially a canine good citizen. Next step is therapy dog testing!


Christa said...

We used to have one of those toys, my dogs loved it. Yay for passing the test Sarge!

mariann and Tory said...

Good job Sarge for passing the test! That is really awesome that you guys are going to have him be a therapy dog!

Mel said...

Yeah! This sounds awesome. Can't wait to read more about this journey.

Rachael said...

Is it just me? Or does that picture look like some dark deamon with two white eyes flying towards you?

Roni said...

Love the name of the game! :-)

And, Yay!! for Sarge on passing his test! He really is such an awesome dog. My kiddos absolutely LOVE him!!


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