Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Just as I was starting to get comfortable, thinking we were too far away from the coast to have to worry about Hurricanes...the predictions that Ike was coming and would hit us hard started. We were supposed to get 60+ mile per hour winds and 4+ inches of rain. So I filled up the water storage and checked our flashlights and had Fixitman fill the empty propane tank in case we lost electricity and still wanted to cook. I checked out our 72 hour kits and found the clothes in them for the kids comically small (and some of the food expired!). I watched the images on as Ike marched towards us and wondered how my friends in Houston were doing as it passed over them.
Filling up buckets from the end of the driveway

It started raining Saturday morning about 10ish and was a wonderful calm rainstorm. That continued all day, with a few mild gusts of wind. I had to do something with all my nervous energy so I vacuumed out storm windows and opened those that had screens to let in the cool air and breeze. I love good rainstorms!
Washing the truck with rainwater

Suffice to say, Ike brushed by us, giving an inch or so of needed rain, the harsh storms were east of us. We were lucky. I have seen reports of storm damage from Ike all the way into Ohio!

Later that evening, the boys went out to play in the rain, having had so much fun earlier in the week when we did so (see previous post). So the pictures are of the boys playing in the rain we received thanks to Ike. They are "washing" the truck with the rainwater - which turned into dumping water on each other of course! They had a great time. :)


Jessica said...

this hurricane was crazy! we are some of those living in ohio (cincinnati), and we didn't get any rain at all, but TONS of wind.

i am impressed with your preparedness. that is one thing this storm has helped us see is where we are lacking in our 72 hour kits.

Christa said...

Glad your preparations were not needed. We had fun in the rain as well!

Holly said...

Phew! Glad all is well with you guys!

mariann and Tory said...

Glad you guys missed it! Love the rain pics though..jel-ous

EC said...

glad to see you made it through unscathed!!!

piscesgrrl said...

Glad you stayed safe - good that you were so prepared! We got several days of much-needed rain from it - all the way in IL!

Roni said...

I don't think we even got an inch of rain here . . . just kind of sprinkled all day -- which was a very good thing since we had E's b-day party on that day!! :-)

Way to be prepared, though!!


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