Monday, September 08, 2008

Last trip to the aquarium

We decided to make one last trip to the aquarium before the end of August. We went on a Saturday, having never gone on a weekend before - and took Fixitman with us. The crowds were crazy! We've never been there with so many other people! Fixitman was definitely the popular parent as the boys dragged him around to show him favorite things. No one wanted to hang out with me when they could show things to him! LOL. We caught a longer version of the Mayan dancers routine, but there was no butterfly release today. (Maybe the insane crowds?) Dinoguy really wanted his picture taken with the dancers, but wouldn't do it himself, so here I am with him and the dancers!There were still plenty of butterflies in the area from previous releases I'm sure - and one landed on Dinoguys' shirt. He was thrilled to see the butterflies again and showed them off to Fixitman.Fixitman took some great pictures from the dances as we attentively watched. Here is a view from the fire dance.
Trainboy was very busy running around seeing everything, dodging his way thru the crowds. We had a great time saying "goodbye" to the aquarium on the last day of our membership and walked away with many fond memories.


Christa said...

Glad the boys got to share the DWA with dad! We are going to miss it to.

Roni said...

I wish we could afford to go here more often! It is really such an awesome place!!

Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!!


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