Monday, September 29, 2008

Park play summary

With the cooler turn of the weather (is it sad we consider 90 to be cool?) we've played at 4 different parks in the past 2 weeks with various friends. Each was full of fun and full of its own unique opportunities. Playing outside and exploring parks and just freely having fun with out structure is so vitally important. I can not think of anything more important for the boys to spend time doing. Really, that goes for adults too. Being outside is calming, healing, and peaceful. We can all benefit from spending unstructured time outside.

At this park, the boys rode their bikes a lot and I got to learn how to fix Trainboy's training wheel several times. They also went tree climbing, Dinoguy provided shade for me with a large tree limb, they played all sorts of imaginary games on the playground with friends, played with a parachute and more.At the next park Dinoguy joined some friends in creating a game of dinosaurs & dragons. It had some commonalities with hide and seek, but was an evolving tag game as well. Trainboy spent some time riding his bike & playing in the sand. Next was an evening picnic at the park trip to watch the balloon festival. Last year the balloons came right over us at the park, which was awesome. So we invited friends to join us at the park and had a great time picnicking and playing. Unfortunately there was no wind and we watched the balloons go up and then almost straight down, which was not as much fun as we were hoping to have. There also happened to be a school band having a party at the same park which made it more crowded. Kids had a great time playing on the playground, playing with Sarge, playing bikes, soccer, rolling down hills, playing frisbee. It was fun.Last park trip reported here was to a nature preserve that is awesome. I brought Sarge planning to do some letterboxing as well. The kids had fun running around the playground with Sarge, so much so that he sought refuge under a picnic table after a while to rest. The game of choice was a loosely organized battle with light sabers and foam swords. Trainboy was very conscientious about bringing Sarge water as well. After a while the boys decided to head into the woods with their fight and we played in a small creek area. I got in plenty of hiking without letterboxing and was quite tired by the end of the day!

When my boys fall asleep shortly after leaving the park I know that they've had a good day of play. I've been slowly working my way through the book "Last Child in the Woods" which has interesting thoughts and ideas, though it isn't a quick easy read for me. I hope to eventually post a review of it, I have a lot of thoughts swirling around as I read, so it is certainly a thought provoking book for me. :)

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