Wednesday, September 03, 2008

LEAP Kid Olympics

We loved watching the olympics this year - maybe it was watching most of them at the beach house with my family, but Dinoguy and Trainboy really got interested in it.

Our group of friends decided to have a more laid back kid olympics. It was a blast! We had a large variety of "events", but allowed the kids to explore them at their own leisure and pace.

Here's Trainboy finishing up tasting his first decorated cookie at the cookie decorating station. (Who says creative events can't be olympic sports?)

Here are the boys and friends participating in the water balloon fun. It was going to be a balloon toss but when I tried to explain that to the kids, I was asked "Why would we do that?" and I had no reply. The kids were more interested in throwing them and playing then in doing an organized toss, so that's what happened!

We played some t-ball, though taking turns took a bit of finessing.

Here is Dinoguy on the bike course, loving his 2-wheeler.

Here is Trainboy on the obstacle course. He had a good time bike riding until he crashed into a red ant hill and got 13 bites on his hand. Thankfully I have anti-itch ointment in my purse!

Dinoguy liked the javelin throw. He threw pretty well. It isn't going to hit our little friend, though it looks that way in this photo!

Bubble blowing is always a fun diversion!

With the net up, we were able to experiment with all sorts of sports - this ball is a bit too big for getting over the net reliably, but we had fun trying!

Dinoguy was interested in trying three-legged races, and had some fun with them. Here he with his first partner. She was a bit short and didn't like her leg tied up so we tried with another friend.

It was pretty successful - they ran around together for a while, figuring out how to move their leg at the same time.

Though after a few runs, they decided to try backwards races individually instead. Dinoguy is still getting the hang of it I guess in this photo - he was backwards the rest of the race!

The marathon race was a spontaneous run by a few kids to the far side of the park and back.

We also had some rhythmic gymnastics demonstrations and many more fun events - bean bag toss, ring toss, flag making/coloring, playground climbing and was a great long day of fun.

Here are all the photos in a slide show if you want to see more!


Christa said...

I love getting to see all the cool stuff we do from all the different angles on everyone's blogs! That was such a fun day!

mariann and Tory said...

I remember doing the 3-legged race! Ahhh to be 5 again and play all day with no stress! Your boys are looking so old!

Stephanie S. said...


thanks for reminding all of us how blessed we are to be living such lives with our children!

Tiffany said...

That little girl does look like she's about to be javelined to the head. And in the backwards race picture, you can just claim that your son was the only one who got the concept and everyone else got it wrong! Haha (I'm sure up close you can tell which way is the right way, but from first glance I had no idea he wasn't going backwards until I read your comments).

rob said...

It looks like Trainboy had to get spiffyed up for the Olympics like he did for golf. A new haircut and aerodynamic clothes. :)

Roni said...

This was SUCH a fun day!!!
Thanks for bringing the water balloons! :-)


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