Friday, August 08, 2008

Swimming with friends

Despite the cryptosporosis outbreak in the area, we are still going swimming occasionally. (It is 110 degrees most days!) This small private neighborhood pool in a friend's neighborhood is in a town north of us that hasn't had any cases yet and they are still shock treating the pool weekly as a precaution. Because it is not frequently used by anyone and is being treated frequently, we decided to go ahead and go swimming.

I only snapped a few pictures this week, we were having a great time and stayed for four hours. I also got to play with this cute baby that my friend is playing with in this photo.

The boys really love to swim, and having friends and toys makes it an even better fun time. Trainboy prefers to play in the 2 ft pool, while Dinoguy is working on his swimming skills in the 3-5 ft part of the pool. He will dive to the bottom to get things, swim under people's legs, and doggie paddle/bounce his way around as much as he feel comfortable. He also loves to "cannonball!"


Stephanie S. said...

We had crypto outbreaks last year.
Uh - in our pools, and also in our family.
Dh is creeped out by pools now. :)
Haven't heard of any this year.
Thank goodness.

Roni said...

We had a great time wtih you guys! It was good to see you, again. We're definitely going to try to make it again next week. :-)

And, I think Dinoguy's swimming is awesome! That between-the-legs move was great!

The Kane Family said...

Look like you guys had fun, miss you all!

Sarah, Chris, Elijah & Sadie said...

Hmm- thinking about coming out this week for this! Looks like fun. The crypto thing sure does throw a wrench in the works in this heat.

mariann and Tory said...

We had some krypto outbreaks last year but this year we haven't heard of any! Nothing beats the heat like a cool dip in the pool! Fun!

Tiffany said...

Everyone in our family got crypto last year from the Utah outbreaks - it was miserable. But thank goodness for modern technology where pools can be monitored more and more. And seriously, how can you not go swimming in 110 degree weather? Your boys continue to be such studs.


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