Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunny day three at the beach

It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day at the beach when we woke up on day 3. Time to spend the whole day at the beach! First we got ready, packed up drinks and snacks, applied sunscreen, etc. Then we started migrating to the beach in sets. Dinoguy & Aunt ET & I were the first, and the others soon followed.

My mom and dad went for an early morning beach walk and she took some lovely pictures; she has always loved nature photography. When she came back she snapped these awesome pics of Trainboy that I absolutely love. His adorable, expressive face could not be any cuter.

My back had been bothering me from all the traveling and then overdoing it at the beach on day one so I was determined to take it easy today but still have fun. It was successful.

I absolutely love this photo of Dinoguy playing with his bucket in the ocean. He seemed to be exploring filling and emptying the bucket with the water, I'm not really sure. But I just love the photo.

Dinoguy had a blast with the waves, which were more normal today, not even flinching when he got tumbled over by them occasionally. He'd shake off the salt water, laugh and go for it again. I worried about him getting cold again, but it was sunnier and warmer and he seemed to notice better when he was getting cold and come out of the water for a while to warm up regularly.

Trainboy had developed a fear of the ocean taking things. He vigilantly made sure all the beach toys stayed far away from the ocean's grasp today. He played in the sand for a while at first but went down to the water with me to wash sand from our hands and I sat with him.

Then he worked up some courage a bit later and asked to be taken into the ocean to Dad. So I carried him over the waves ( he did not like salt water in his face) to his Dad, and handed him off. He immediately asked Dad to take him back to shore, and we headed back for shore, where he immediately asked to go back out to Dad. And so began his new game of in and out of the water. He built his courage up this way and eventually started staying with Fixitman out in the water for a few minutes as long as he didn't get hit in the face by a wave.

We also did some burying of feet and legs in the sand and Fixitman made a giant volcano of sand that I didn't get a photo of before Trainboy destroyed it. Trainboy built many little volcanoes after that, as well as houses for Buzz Lightyear.

Both boys would lie down at on the sand and play quietly occasionally and that is one of my favorite memories, seeing them in their own world of play at the beach.

When Fixitman joined us I asked him if he had on any sunscreen. He replied that he needed a good tan and I told him he was stupid for the first time of many times to follow as he got a pretty bad burn, even after letting me put on some sunscreen after a few hours. What I didn't realize was that having Dinoguy put the sunscreen on my back meant I was getting a nice perimeter burn around a lovely oval shape on my back. Note to self: Let him help but have someone go over it again. Ouch!

Thankfully both boys escaped anything bad. They each had a very light pink color in spots that was gone the next day so I kept them protected, did I mention how much I love their swim shirts lately? They are the best invention for swimming ever. I'm pretty sure my next swimsuit purchase, whenever that may be, will be my own swim shirt and board short type ensemble, as I really have NO desire to have a tan anyway (damaged skin is so out of style IMO) and sunscreen has so many possible faults - rubbing off like it did on my feet in spots, incorrect application, wearing out before being reapplied, smelling horrible, being icky... and yes I've tried all the types from spray on to colored lotion to sticks.

Uncle LaxCoach went and rented a ocean kayak about noon and most everyone took turns on it. I chose not to, as the idea of a hard arm workout seemed incompatible with my plan to take it easy and relax and recover. I also really had no desire to go out in it. But Dinoguy did of course! He got a short ride around in it that satisfied his desire without freaking me out too much about him being out in the deep ocean on a kayak. He's growing so fast.

Aunt Banana & Uncle LaxCoach ended up in an area with bunches of jellyfish and one baby got in the kayak and they brought it back to the beach to show us, using a bucket to keep it alive. It was neat to see up close - even closer than an aquarium. Then they took it back out to release it away from the beach, so it could have the chance to grow up into a big jellyfish. Here is Fixitman and my mom coming into shore.

When we headed back 5 hours later and put the boys in the tub to wash all the sand off them, we were tired. But we'd had a great time. We had pizza and leftovers for dinner that night I think, I love beach houses for the convenience of cooking your own food, we ate awesome all week.


Christa said...

Wow that is a lot of beach fun! I really am having beach withdrawls now!

Kelly said...

Looks like fun! So envious of your beach vacation. :)

Mel said...

That is a gorgeous pic of Dinoguy with his bucket near the waves. I love all the names you gave to everyone for the world of blogging!

Roni said...

Man, E & E REALLY want to go to the beach now. :-)

It looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation!!

Fun, Family, and sand in oh-so-many-places . . . doesn't get any better than that!!!


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