Saturday, August 02, 2008

Home Depot Flags

Today was Home Depot craft day and the craft was making flag poles! You'd think that would be a July activity, but looking at the kits, they are made to go with the upcoming Olympics. So we built our flag poles and stands, it was quick and fun.

The sample they have on the registration table had a lovely USA outline painted with a flag design. Both boys loved that idea and they gave me a template so we could do it at home.

First I traced the design on the flags in pencil and set out the paint and told them which colors went where. Since we are usually not into "paint it a certain way" crafts, I was a bit apprehensive about this, but they were really into it, so I supported them.

Here are the finished flags, while drying. Dinoguy's is on the left, and yes, I know it is "backwards" but that's the way the flag was glued on the pole, so whatever.

Trainboy actually did the stripes really well (if you click on the first picture, you can probably see his stripes) but then changed his mind and started mixing the red and white on the bottom as you can see. He loved it. I gave them paper to paint afterward if they wanted and Trainboy wanted to practice mixing colors, but both were done pretty quickly. Oh well. We need new brushes that don't fall apart so easily I think. Ours are the foam ones, and the tips keep breaking off, which is frustrating. It didn't turn into a big paint day, but we had fun making their flags!


Roni said...

Man, I have GOT to try to remember that Home Depot does that on Saturday mornings! Such cool crafts!

I love both of their flags! Awesome painting, boys!!!

The Kane Family said...

I need to go check these out as well. We have a Home Depot a minuet from us!


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