Saturday, August 02, 2008

Aquarium fun

We've spent most of the week recovering from another summer cold. I'm not fond of sickness in the summer. Finally feeling well enough to do some fun stuff, we headed to the aquarium Thursday in the late afternoon (to try and avoid the summer crowds).

Trainboy was immediately accosted by a bird looking for snacks, or pictures or people watching, I'm not sure.

Dinoguy thought maybe the bird would hop on his arm. It didn't and we moved on to looking for monkeys in the trees. Then we visited the sloth and went looking for the sea otters. They weren't out to visit, so we headed for the anaconda, crocodiles, bats and the spiders. Dinoguy loves seeing all the animals at the aquarium and started getting impatient to see them all right away and was saying "Come on Mom, we've got to go see the _______!" Trainboy and I followed him around for a bit. Then we went and watched the penguins get fed and checked out the shark tunnel.

They added new fish! The sawfish (in the photo) and the eagle ray were Dinoguy's favorite, while I was partial to the large fish lurking on the bottom of the sides. Large fish are so curious to me. In another tunnel, they have this really large fish that will often rest on the ground and stare at you. I've wondered if he was alive or not sometimes. Then there is the eel hiding in the rock nearby that looks like it came right out if The Little Mermaid. He has an evil look to him, that eel.

Dinoguy decided he wanted to pose for a picture with this funny statue and got Trainboy to join him. I love it! In the empty (for now) corner near the jaguar's spot we found butterflies and tiny birds hanging out and checked in on the funky turkeys. Then of course both boys bolted for the gift shop, one of the fun places to play. Checking out all the interesting gadgets is a ton of fun. I love their enthusiasm for all of it.

We then did another lap thru the museum, checking in on any creatures we missed saying hi to on the first frenzied trip around. We did stop for a blue icee (hence Trainboy's blue lips) and explored until about 5:15 pm when we strolled out to the truck for the drive in rush hour traffic home. Since its only a 15 minute drive normally, the 35 minutes in traffic wasn't too bad. It would have been no problem at all if people wouldn't get in so many accidents!


Roni said...

Yea! for the boys posing for a picture! I love it! :-)

Looks like an awesome day!

I'm glad to hear that y'all were feeling better by the end of the week!

Chrispy said...

It looks like you guys picked the perfect day/time to avoid crowds! Yay!

Mel said...

Glad to read you are all better! Looks like you guys had fun @ the aquarium-sounds like a good first outing after an illness.

The Kane Family said...

I miss the aquarium! Look like a great trip.

Sarah, Chris, Elijah & Sadie said...

Summer colds are terrible. The DWA is so cool.


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