Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beach fun day one

So there are a few pictures of us playing on the beach. Or maybe a ton. With 3 cameras going, there was a lot beach fun being recorded.

Since we'd stayed up late watching the olympics the night before, we had a nice lazy start to the morning. The day started with breakfast and saying goodbye to my uncle and aunt who came up for the weekend and visited the beach house for a day. He chose to make silly faces in the photos.

Of course there was a puzzle out to work on and we all took turns. Then it was time to get ready to go to the beach! Lots of sunscreen and stuff gathering ensued.

The ocean was unusually calm that day and it was a bit cloudy. It made for a nice temperature for sitting on the shore, but a bit too cold for extended swims in the ocean. Trainboy had a lot of fun playing in the sand and took Buzz lightyear down to see the ocean. Unfortunately, the ocean claimed Buzz's wings and Trainboy was not happy we couldn't find them afterward. Fixitman built a sand mountain which Dinoguy supplied with a watery moat. Dinoguy loved playing in the ocean with aunts, uncles and grandparents, but ended up having his lips turn blue and so he & I built a sandcastle to pass time while he warmed up. When we were done and he was no longer blue as his swimshirt, he went back in the ocean and immediately turned blue again. I determined a hot bath was necessary and we headed back to the beach house. Trainboy and Fixitman and most everyone else had already gone back.

That evening the boys went with Fixitman and Grandpa Actuary to the golf driving range and Fixitman forgot to take pictures, since they were having so much fun. Aunt ET did take a few before they left - Dinoguy feels you need a polo shirt and a hat to golf, thanks to the country club. Afterward we had a delicious dinner of slow cooked bbq ribs cooked by Uncle Laxcoach, watched more olympics, worked on the puzzle, read books and played cards & other games.

I've tried to put some pictures relatively in order below that highlight our day. Enjoy!


EC said...

I've never heard of this beach but it sure looks like fun!!

I don't think we're going to make it to the beach this year so I will live vicariously through your photos.


Mel said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome trip. Your sand castles are amazing! Ours never stay built long enough to get a picture.

mariann and Tory said...

To the beach! How fun! I bet you guys had a blast! Wish we were there!

Christa said...

Wow, what a great time! I miss the beach so much!

Jenny Timmerman said...

How fun to see the fam together! I think the perfect mixture of family and beach makes for a little slice of heaven.


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