Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crispy beach day four

Not surprisingly, Fixitman got the chills on the night of day three from his bad burn. He probably had sun sickness of some kind to go with his lobster red upper half. Unfortunately, I found that I had some burns too - the parts of my back Dinoguy had missed with sunscreen, spots on the top of my feet that must have gotten rubbed off by the sand, my scalp and such. We were a bunch of crispy people. Fishing Grandma also had burns on her back as did Aunt ET. There were lots of burnt people and yet it was such a nice beach day.

Grandpa Actuary, Banana & Fixitman went golfing with a friend for most of the day. Fixitman says it was very hot. No photos of their golfing fun. Dinoguy was okay with them going without him because we'd talked about it when they were supposed to go on day 2 but got rained out.

The boys were not burnt. And they were ready to go back to the beach for more fun! Fishing Grandma put on a t-shirt over her suit & burn and took Dinoguy to play and I followed with Trainboy, though not in a suit myself. I sat in a chair and watched Dinoguy play with grandma in the ocean, learning more about wakeboarding while Trainboy played happily in the sand.

Then he decided he wanted to go in the water and asked me "Where's your suit?" I explained that I was too burnt to go swimming but grandma could help him and with the recruitment of Aunt ET as well, the boys got to play in the water while I sat on the beach and hid from the sun, with my big floppy hat I should have been wearing before, and lots of sunscreen on all of my burning parts. You know its bad when the warmth of the sun thru your clothes still feels like fire. Ow.

Fixitman came to watch with me after golfing and was too tired and burnt to get in the water as well. Its good to have family at the beach! They play with your kids when you can't!

That evening we went to dinner at the sea food restaurant on the island and Dinoguy & Banana tried Lobster. I had delicious fresh tuna. We took a big group family photo as well, and then a few more when it wasn't perfect. It's hard to get large group photos! See how red some of us are?

For dessert we had ice cream cake for Uncle Scoutboy's birthday. Ice cream cake is just shaped ice cream, but it seems to make kids so happy. It's awesome. I forgot also to mention that the day before we'd had key lime pie for Grandpa Actuary's upcoming birthday since we were all gathered together as well. Good times.


Christa said...

Sun burns suck, but a part of beach life I guess! I love wake boarding, been a long time since I did that. Love the family photo, those are hard to get but great when you do!

Chrispy said...

I love that last picture of you all - great happiness-captured shot!!

Mel said...

You guys look awesome. I love this post. It sounds like the good life with family. I envy you guys-we haven't been to the beach since May, I miss it.


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