Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A year of contemplating Peace

I chose Peace as my word this year, not knowing all that the year would bring. It has been a busy and eventful year. I really feel I have learned a lot about peace. Both internal peace and external peace. I have learned more how to listen inside myself and find out what will bring me internal peace. I have learned more what external influences can help bring me peace and are truely peaceful.

I like order and plans. Even if the plans change and the order is temporary. I have found peace in cleaning and organizing. There is something lovely about being alone with your thoughts while performing simple tasks. Sometimes I need music to motivate me, but other times I am grateful to scrub dishes, fold laundry or mop the floor and just think about things while I do.

I am learning to say no to things I really want when they are causing internal turmoil. It is more important to feel at peace then it is to experience and do everything. It is more important to find balance in life than to be constantly busy and not fulfilled.

I have found peace and happiness playing with my kids and listening to their desires. It has led to changes.

I have found peace in keeping certain routines. In making sure I get my daily scripture and meditation time. In remembering to read and pray with my children. In saying no to working outside the home even if it logically makes sense to others. I am at peace with my important role as mother. Even when it involves cleaning and laundry. I choose this life. It is mine.

I am so excited for a new year and for all the hope and possibilities I see in it. Things are full of hope and peace. It has been a wonderful year.

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