Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mommy brain

My purple Christmas lights Fixitman put up for me
Today I woke up and remembered Baby had a doctor appointment that morning. So I got breakfast going and the boys started on their violin, chores and academics so we could go to park day right after the doctor. Got meat out to thaw for dinner and made graham crackers for snacks at the park. Great start to the day.

Looked at the calendar and the appointment isn't until next week. Oops. Well at least we're ready for the park. Loaded up the truck with my three bags (food bag, diaper bag, craft bag), four children, lawn chair, ipod (we're listening to Harry Potter 6 on it when we drive), sling, purse, cards to mail and grabbed extra blankets for baby in case it was windy (it was.) Only went back in the house twice for forgotten items before finally heading to the post office to mail the first stack of Christmas cards and then to the park! 

Had a nice time at the park. It was cool and windy when we first arrived but tolerable. After a bit the sun came out and it was quite nice and Munchkin shed her shoes and jacket. Didn't see the boys much, they were quite busy with friends.

All our friends left a bit early from the park today so we packed up and left a little before 2 PM. (Normally stay another hour or so.) Decided to go to the museum we'd skipped yesterday due to my not feeling well. Realized a blanket had been dropped while loading up the truck and sent Dinoguy back for it. Stopped by home to pick up the stroller and take care of baby needs while Munchkin and Trainboy napped some.

Arrive at museum and strap Baby on in the baby bjorn for back support. Put Munchkin in the stroller and we're off! We had fun at the animatronic dinosaur exhibit at the museum and all the other more regular ones. It's quite empty in the afternoon on week days and we mostly had it to ourselves. Started home, remembered we were going to go to Santa's village tonight but I am too tired. Tell kids we'll go tomorrow instead. Get home and as I'm unloading the truck I realize I'm missing my sling. Frantically search truck for it and house. Call Fixitman upset and tell him I've left it at the park and am heading back. He points out traffic is practically at a standstill in that direction right now and I should wait. Moreover, he's almost done for the day and can go for me. Grudgingly admit that is a better plan.

Force myself to cook for children. Make hamburgers instead of planned meal because they don't take thinking. I do manage to round it out with the fruited jello I'd made earlier, some tamales Fixitman had brought home and cookies. Nice well balanced meal? I consider it a victory because we didn't eat out.

Fixitman calls from the park to find out where we were and manages to find my sling. Hooray! (I made this sling when Trainboy was born, I am very attached to it.) It must have fallen out of my bag while first leaving. Boys help pick up the house and then we watch an episode of Avatar cartoon with kids and then its scriptures, prayers and bedtime.

Mommy brain - where you remember appointments you don't have and don't notice when you drop things.


Miranda said...

Love the purple lights!

There are 2 vehicles in your driveway? (Jack now knows the word "vehicle" and uses it in conversation. It's so cute!)

Sounds like a great day!

Kami and Jacob said...

wow, malina! i cannot believe all that you can accomplish in a day. i think you might seriously be superwoman! forget mommy-brain! you rock, girl!


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