Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Terrific Two!

 Munchkin has now been in our lives two whole years. She is no longer a munchkin. She is really an opinionated princess! I'm going to call her Princess from now on. It is a good connotation - she is princess of our family being the only girl.

After seeing her brother's birthdays over the past two months, Princess was ready for hers. I told her it was her cake and she was thrilled! Mah kek! she exclaimed. She beamed while we sang and then blew out the candles like a professional. 

A very tired baby does not want his picture taken. He wants to go to bed.

She also knows how to open presents and enjoyed herself thoroughly. She loves her play food, her sorting blocks and her coloring book. She also loved her "doggie" jammies. Happy birthday dear lovely Princess.

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