Sunday, December 12, 2010


Earlier this week Fixitman walked in the door before the kids were in bed. Not a common occurrence currently. Munchkin looked up, pointed at his beanie and yelled "uuuhhhhhhh", which translates to "give me that now!". No big hugs for her dad, just a demand for his hat.

Tonight she did say "mine" while grabbing a toy from her brothers' hand. Munchkin knows what she wants.  She does talk quite a bit lately. And tackles her brothers as needed.
Trainboy holding Baby in his fleece snow suit before we went to Santa's village. Trainboy loves to hold Baby.  Dinoguy was on Elf TV at Santa's village. He mostly just stared at the TV image of himself so you didn't miss much. I did record some of it on my new cell phone, not that I know how to download that to the computer yet (I don't use texting).

This weekend we also made gingerbread cookies. Yum. We were going to take them to lots of people but then we just ate on them all day. We did take some to 2 neighbors so I guess that's progress.

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