Thursday, April 22, 2010

Texas Cowboys

After finding a few letterboxes at the state capitol, we needed a bathroom break and headed for the visitors center. We then wanted to see the exhibits of course and ended up learning a lot about the Farwell brothers who bankrolled the building of the capitol in 1885 and were paid in land in the Texas Panhandle. The infrastructure wasn't there yet for settlement so they started the largest cattle ranch in the USA at the time with 150,000 cattle. Of course they started it right when cattle prices bottomed out and they never made money as ranchers.

The Farwell brothers never benefited from the land, dying shortly after having to sell it off to pay bond holders. But their children and descendants did!
There is another movie about the capitol playing to the side... couldn't get them to look at me for a picture! (please ignore my barefoot child...when you leave at 3 am  sometimes you forget the babies' shoes.)

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