Wednesday, April 07, 2010

General Conference April 2010

I didn't sit and take notes this conference. I cleaned and organized and cooked and crocheted while listening. I felt like the most mentioned topic was that of mothers/parents. Elder Perry's talk about his mother, Elder Ballard's talk to the mothers & daughters, Elder Bednar's talk about an early spiritual warning system for parents. Sister Beck's talk about Relief Society supporting women and helping them be better mothers. Those come to mind because I've re-listened to them since this weekend. I am enjoying listening to the talks each morning again as I make breakfast. The messages of conference are food for the soul. They fill me with peace.

We played "Conference Jeopardy" for FHE on Monday and it surprised me (a little) how much the boys had listened too, while they played and colored. I should know that by now since they move about while I read to them all the time anyway, but it was a good reminder that movement allows them to listen BETTER. Since I feel the same way (have to be doing something with my hands or else I have a hard time focusing) you would think it would be easier to remember. But I need reminders. So the fun we had with the Jeopardy game was good.

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