Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend

Saturday opened with an Easter egg hunt. Munchkin loved picking up the eggs and pulling out the candy! She had the whole process figured out quickly. The basket I made her was cute, but a bit too small for practical use.

Her brothers were a bit sad because they didn't get the 12 eggs promised them because other parents let their kids take 20+ eggs. I told them that we'd have another hunt at home.

We proceeded to Home Depot and built butterfly houses. Dinoguy announced he was doing his without help and then proceeded to do so. Fixitman was sad because, as he said in his words: "Now I'm just the transportation to get him here!" We went home and enjoyed the first sessions of conference before Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Scoutboy arrived for the week.

The boys slept outside on the tent Saturday night with their Uncle Scoutboy.

Then we had hot cross buns for breakfast (it took me 2 days to finish making them so we had them Easter instead of Good Friday...) After that they searched for their Easter baskets and eventually we had an egg hunt as well.

Munchkin attacked her tiny chocolate bunny on Sunday morning and ate it with relish. She was a candy fiend and ate most of the jelly beans, including her brothers'.

We watched the rest of conference and then enjoyed a big turkey dinner. Yum! It was a lovely weekend.


Coach Peeni said...

Sounds like Munchkin has a sweet tooth like Z-man. I believe the term was "monster" when my sister was describing Z-man's sweet tooth. My only question is did she attack the bunny, or did the bunny attach her?

KMDuff said...

Oh she attacked the bunny. And later found one of her brothers' bunnies and attacked it too. And saw me eating some of mine and demanded it. Huge sweet tooth.


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