Wednesday, November 27, 2013

September 2013 Visitors

In September we were all excited when some special visitors arrived all the way from Idaho! From getting to eat at a buffet (a big highlight for a 10 year old boy) to Fixitman taking his parents to campus to show them around and to attend the class he teaches, everyone LOVED having our visitors.

This dog is named Lady Reveille. She is the official mascot of A&M and First Lady. If she barks in your class, class is dismissed. After being assured she doesn't really bark ever, Fixitman invited her to class with his parents. She barked 10 minutes into class. 

After a fabulous visit, I realized we hadn't really taken any pictures! So before they were allowed to leave, I insisted on taking some pictures for memory sake. They were good sports about it though I'm sure they wanted to get going on their drive and our kids were being silly. It'll be nice for the kids to see the pictures though and remember the visit.


Grandma and Grandpa, come visit anytime! 

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