Sunday, November 17, 2013

End of August 2013 activities including a football game

When we returned home from our trip in August there was plenty to keep us busy! The upcoming start of school for example had me busy. But that's another post. Here are some non school related pictures and thoughts from August.

Stand in a row for a picture!
Little Guy tends to look at everyone else in the photo instead of the camera.

Here he is in his new size 3T clothes and new "race car shoes"!

Looking awesome and choosing to wear a tie to church!

Dinoguy says he is wearing a sombrero. It is a frisbee.

Princess let me trim her hair! I did alright! She loved vacuuming up the hair afterward!

Demanding a picture also!
Highlight of the end of August was when we were able to take the three oldest to an Aggie football game thanks to some friends. Little Guy was deemed too young to enjoy the game so he spent the day with a friend and had a blast also. He was passed out asleep when I went to pick him up and had enjoyed lots of fun.
I love her giant sunglasses and hat look here.

Experiencing the Aggie traditions like the war hymn and cheers was awesome.

This kid was busy watching football and annoyed by all my picture attempts.

After the game on the field, you can see my belly is starting to be large.

With dad also!
Since it was still August, it was HOT. Over 100 degrees without the heat index and the first half of the game we were in direct sun. Every slight breeze or cloud that came was much loved. We drank a ton of water and asked the kids to wear hats and sunscreen. Even so, Princess took a break to eat ice cream in the shade with dad for most of the 2nd quarter.

The half time show by the band was really fun to see. They did a great job and thankfully we had shadow overhang shade for the rest of the game! Even though Johnny Football was playing in the second half, the first half had been the more exciting part of the game IMO. We made it through to the end and enjoyed seeing the Aggies victorious. Almost as much as the kids liked finding an unopened giant bag of kettle corn and making sure we had a full set of souvenir cups to take home.

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