Saturday, November 30, 2013

FHE Lesson - Small and Simple Things

LOVE this picture so much.
Our next Family Home Evening lesson (FHE) was taught by my wonderful husband, Fixitman. Despite his very busy schedule as a PhD candidate and teacher he has made sure to be home for FHE every Monday evening. I know he is super tired and probably just wants to eat something and go to bed when he gets home but he is an active participant and parent instead. What an awesome dad!

Fixitman chose to use the talk by Arnulfo Valenzuela entitled Small and Simple Things. This week because I was about to have a baby, we also had some dear friends visiting who have three small children. So FHE had seven kids!

First Fixitman talked about the story of visiting the MTC in Mexico and meeting all the new missionaries. Then he discussed the story of the guy who just wanted a hug (or abrazo) and was willing to come back to church. He explained to the kids (with many interruptions, including Princess trying to make herself throw up in the bathroom) that often times, people just need a little love or a simple act of kindness to help bring them to the gospel.

Then he asked if the kids knew the story of Naaman from the bible and both of our older boys raised their hands eagerly. They got thru the story with a little bit of help and we discussed how the Lord often performs miracles through simple means and doesn't need big showy productions. He finished by sharing his testimony of this.

While talking on the phone to me earlier, Fixitman had asked me to look for a coloring page for the kids, and I found one of a child sharing the Friend magazine with another child that worked well for the idea of simple ways to share the gospel. So after the lesson I gave each child a coloring page. Usually our kids love coloring, today I think two of them actually did some coloring. Two of them folded the paper up into various shapes and the others simply ignored the paper and moved on to the dessert treat. I think all of the parents were ready for bed after this so we counted the coloring page as the activity and started bedtime afterward!

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