Monday, November 04, 2013

August 2013 Trip (part two)

Continuing our adventures while out west. We went swimming twice, once with aunts and uncles.
Princess with her Uncle

Princess and Little Guy with the newlyweds
The weather is very different out west, and you actually feel cold out of the water if its below 90 degrees. Here in Texas, you are sweating and humid when not swimming, so it was quite an adjustment for the kids to be somewhere where the water evaporates off of you quickly and it gets kind of cool at night.

We also got to attend the wedding of Fixitman's oldest nephew. It was pretty fun to see family and have fun at the wedding, the couple was obviously deeply in love, her face just lit up when she saw him.
The happy couple and his family (minus a brother on a mission)

Yep, we didn't put dress clothes on our kids who were just outside the temple. Felt like slackers a bit!

Big hugs for grandpa at the reception!

Princess and her cousin who also has gorgeous red hair

Fixitman and his oldest brother
More pictures of work on my brother's future media room.
Toward the beginning of the project, clearing out the old materials.

The new step from the rest of the house, much better than the immediate drop on concrete stairs.

Standing at the door from the rest of the house, you can see the new larger window on the left, a new wall, and where the mudroom area is on the right. The stairs down to the mudroom and a half wall were not completed.

Future mudroom area. Preserving tile that was there previously was smart!

View from the outside when we had to leave. A long narrow window is planned on the left side of the door but exactly what kind wasn't decided on yet.
The other thing I have pictures of from our trip is pictures. Fixitman's mom found some old family photos and we were looking at them with her. Unfortunately they don't own a scanner anymore, so we attempted to take photos of some of them to have a copy. I won't share all of them now because it would take forever, but here are two fun ones of Fixitman's parents when they were younger.

We had a fairly uneventful drive home. We did stop and visit my Uncle & Aunt in Colorado, but I don't have any pictures. My favorite thing there was seeing their hail screens to protect the garden and how the plants without it were stunted. Gardening know-how is definitely location specific!

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