Monday, November 28, 2011

Dinoguy turns 9

My baby boy is 9. And 4'10", 96lbs. However I refuse to stop calling him my baby. He is awesome. I love him a lot.

We had a small family party which we video taped, so not many pictures. For his presents he got a slightly used bike (which needs a new tube) and a trip to a football game at the local university with his dad. They had a blast. Did I mention he likes football?

Then for his party he chose his two closest friends to come over and we went mini-golfing, made individual pizzas and watched Cars 2 (which we hadn't seen yet). We finished up with cake and ice cream. They had a good time. I bought him a cake with angry birds on it which was apparently awesome.

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Miranda said...

And what a handsome lad, too :D I hope he still remembers he's betrothed to my daughter!!!

Love keeping up with you on your blog. Your kids are absolutely darling (as you know)! We need to chat soon :D


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