Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You may know that Texas is in a pretty bad drought and has had wildfires going on some place or another for a while. Our main hotel while we waited on home repairs happened to be a home base for some firefighters in case some of the fires nearby spread or got out of hand.

My extremely friendly kids of course quickly became friends with several of the firefighters. Before they left for another area, the firefighters wanted to give them a tour of some of their trucks, parked in a field near the hotel.

Can I tell you how cool it was to get our own personal tour of Forest Fire trucks? They are different from city fire trucks in several ways and there are several types of trucks too. It was really interesting and the kids loved it.

Princess did not want to get out of the truck. She told me she was staying in it forever.

Dinoguy of course wanted to put on some gear
They have the lights and sirens on in this picture.
Here's where we attach the hose
The various fire trucks
A special bulldozer they use in fighting the fires.

It was too powerful for her to hold by herself
I narrowly missed being washed away after this picture
Holding a giant powerful hose is pretty fun
I think they could have used the hose all day. It really sprayed quite far.
A wet Princess thanks to Dinoguy.

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