Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby turns 1

 Baby turned 1 in October! We were just barely back in our house after the ceiling repairs. On his actualy birthday we gave him a giant cupcake with a match for a candle. I couldn't find the candles. He didn't notice. He did however know exactly what to do with cake.
He got a haircut for his birthday, so we'd be able to see his beautiful hazel eyes in the photos. His second haircut this year. He's going to need another soon probably .The kid grows hair.




The rest of us had mini cupcakes and brownie bites that night.
Then that weekend we made him the traditional Duff 1st birthday cake. 

 He went for the cake. When we gave him the clown afterward, he destroyed it but did not eat it. It's on video that I don't know how to put on the computer right now. He got a fun toy for his birthday that his big sister promptly "borrowed". Such is the life of a fourth child.

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