Monday, September 13, 2010

Our homeschool week

I blogged a few weeks ago about us starting to use a routine/schedule this year to try and help things happen. It's been several weeks of trying it out so now is a good time to talk about how it's been going.

I think I followed the "ideal" schedule exactly for one day. And then made some effort the rest of the week. I knew it was more of a guide than a schedule, so I was okay with this. But it was clearly in need of some major adjustments, so I did that. It helped some.

What I can't figure out is why I do better at checking things off when they are in that schedule format instead of just a list format. I just procrastinate things on a list indefinitely while the schedule format (which I use more as a loose routine guide) keeps me more on task. Not sure why.

The past week has been very loose and yet we've still done our things each day happily. Just spread out. The most important thing is getting cleaning chores and violin practice done in the morning. Then the rest of the stuff happens as the kids request it (they reference the schedule as a list of ideas I think) or as I suggest it.

Typical day: Wake up, breakfast, cleaning jobs for boys, violin practice, laundry, dishes. Lunch, put Munchkin down for nap. Then we did read aloud time, language arts with Dinoguy, handwriting practice, science, history, math, phonics, etc. Late afternoon brings dinner prep if its not in the crockpot, tutoring several days a week for me during which the kids can play computer or video games. Dinner time, family time, scripture time, bed time, (online tutoring for me).


Mondays' focus is cleaning the house and FHE in the evening, Tuesday we have violin lessons and group lessons every other week, Wednesday we have clubs and classes with the homeschool group and Dinoguy has cubscouts, Thursdays' are park day (for 2-3 hours midday) and Friday is library day. Friday night is family movie night which we pick out at the library usually.

We're busy but not rushed and busy feeling. Plenty of down time, plenty of time for games and reading and outdoor playtime.

I haven't figured out the best day for errands/groceries though. It used to be Tuesday before Violin lessons started again, but that isn't going to work.

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Anonymous said...

We use a schedule as well, and like you use it more as a guide. It helps us accomplish more and waste less time.

But as is typical I am in need of revamping it. I love that about homeschooling, don't you? - customization!!!

Thanks for sharing your week.


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