Monday, September 20, 2010


Hamburger a la munchkin
This is what happens when you let her design her own hamburger. She knows what she likes. Cheese and ketchup.

I love seeing her personality come out. She talks to us a lot, though its mostly babble. She sometimes refuses to use words and other times she says all sorts of things and it makes sense. She knows signs, but only uses them occasionally.

She loves to help with cleaning and sometimes is overly helpful. I have to check the trash. She loves to color. She knows where the crayons and coloring books are and gets them out when she pleases.
She loves shoes, headbands, and changing clothes. She does not like bows. She tries to pull them off of dresses and does pull them out of her hair. She puts on everyone's shoes.
She brings me clothes to change her outfit several times a day. She knows where the ice cream and other goodies are kept. She is a girl. Yet with two brothers, she has a tomboy side too. 

She loves to go outside and play in her little house. She loves to read books. She tries to steal her brothers' violins. She plays the piano and sings. She has a video game controller to hold and play with when her brothers play video games. She is insulted when I tell her she can't do something. She makes sure she gets equal treatment as her brothers.

She tries to add bubble bath to the shower. She insists on getting in the tub or shower with everyone. Bath time is the best! She LOVES to go for rides in the stroller. She loves to go for rides in the car with her dad to the hardware store. If you call her on the phone, she'll blow you kisses.

She loves to do puzzles, but gets frustrated if they don't go in right away. But with some help she's learning to rotate pieces. She loves to grab something when you say "No" and run away laughing.

She hates potatoes. She loves rice and noodles. She LOVES pizza. Grapes aren't her favorite but raisins are extremely delicious. She eats the filling out of a sandwich first and then if she wants to, eats the bread. She only likes the whites of boiled eggs. She loves popsicles and ice cream and chocolate. She eats salad, but mostly licks the dressing off the lettuce.

 She loves her brothers and her dad. She loves me. We have a lot of love here. Kisses and hugs every day. Hope you enjoyed this little view into the fun person that Munchkin is becoming.


Miranda said...

Oh so sweet! I do love it :D I want to call her on the phone now and be offended if she doesn't blow me kisses :D
I remember park day once when she crawled away from us Mommies and came back from another direction, so we all laughed and said "Well, we don't know where she went, but she's back now!" Such curiosity and independence :D

Now, will there be a Trainboy post, and a Dinoguy one as well? Then let's round things off with one on you and Fixitman :D

The Lakes said...

This post made me happy.

mariann and Tory said...

Its nice to see a post on Munchkin so we can all get to know her better! She sure looks a lot like her dad in that picture!!


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