Monday, September 27, 2010

Finding peace

My word for 2010 is peace. I have been thinking and learning about this word all year. I have been seeking peace in my choices, my feelings, my thoughts. I have learned so much about peace. But so much of it feels so deeply personal to who I am. It becomes hard to put into words and know how much I am comfortable sharing.

I have found peace while doing mundane household chores. I have learned to seek peace in choices about what to do with my time. I have learned to feel around in my heart to find what is preventing me from feeling peaceful about decisions. I have found peace in trials and in the knowledge that I am growing and improving. I have learned to slow down and not cram too much into a day or I will lose my peace.

I can't explain it but there is so much I have learned by focusing on peace this year. There are three more months of peace seeking before I choose a new word, but I am always thinking I should write an update and tell you how this word picking is more than a once a year thing for me. I really do think about it all the time throughout the year.


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Jolley's said...

Well spoken! I love that idea of picking a new word each year to focus on. I think I may just try that...and maybe even start with peace. Thanks for sharing!


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