Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mayan Art

We traveled to the art museum for a special Mayan exhibit yesterday. It came with an audio tour phone that was a lot of fun for the boys. Trainboy insisted on seeing each numbered exhibit in order. There was also a fun interactive table that taught you about different symbols in mayan culture and art and writing that involved swishing your hands on a big flat table. It was very neat.

Of course, no photographs allowed in the exhibit. I tried to get a group photo outside but Munchkin would have none of it. :) Munchkin enjoyed it a bunch too. She rode in her stroller looking at things, and enjoyed the interactive table.

Ask Dinoguy what he most learned about the Mayans, and he said "That they had a giant green toilet seat they decorated." I had wondered why he was laughing at that item. Potty humor is in full force here.

I really enjoyed seeing them walk around looking at the art, listening to their tour phones. They are so cute. Of course we were the only kids there since it was during the day. But my kids do so well with being polite with adults and interacting with them. I may be a bit biased about how wonderful they are though. :)

Then we had violin lessons and the first group class lesson. I was exhausted by the time we got home. Huge reminder that I am very pregnant. I have had to rest most of today.

Today was the first day of the home school group classes we do. Dinoguy & Trainboy are taking geology and history heroes in addition to a kids club. Today they "mined" for chocolate chips in soft and hard cookies, learned about the Wright brothers and made model planes like the first plane and built octahedron boats out of straws and twine. Of course they didn't want to leave and go home for lunch!

Munchkin was quite independent after we first arrived. She participates in a "littles club" and learned about penguins. They made penguin eggs to carry around in their feet, played with clay, decorated and ate peanut butter playdough, had outside time, story time, sign language time... I was helping out with Dinoguy and Trainboy's class and she was off in her group, happily doing her thing. She is growing up so fast. 

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