Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home Depot art easels

The project this month was art easels. It was simple and quick, I managed to help Dinoguy without messing up; he was able to do it pretty much on his own. When we got home, the addition of a clipboard made it an excellent painting easel, which is more what Dinoguy envisioned, while I think the project designers saw it as a display holder.

So we had an art session, full of painting and play dough. Later in the day we made more Christmas cookies. We also went to the library. It was a full and lovely Saturday.


Allie said...

Hey, those are neat Home Depot projects! I have always wanted to get my kiddos involved in the various Home Depot projects, but I am such a loser around crowds. My oldest is six, and I STILL havnt even planned him a birthday party ever (I feel terrible).

mariann and Tory said...

Awesome Saturday! Sounds like you had a blast!

Trish said...

How fun!
I don't know why we haven't ever taken advantage of the Lowes or Home Depot kids projects. But your posts inspire me. Maybe I'll make a point of doing that with them in the coming year. You make it look so fun.

Stephanie S. said...

We almost went - I asked Trev if he'd like to make one for Maddie - but he wasn't enthused about "gettin' going". :)
Next month is football bookends - we'll see what Feb is!
Maybe we'll finally go.

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

I keep saying I am going to take the kids to that, but we never make it up early enough!

Mel said...

Looks like you guys had a good time building something together. You sound like you are full of energy Mama!


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