Sunday, December 21, 2008

Texas Snow!

The weather has been erratic here the past few weeks. We alternate between days in the 70's and then the 20's a day later.We had some icy weather and a few flakes fell one day, to the delight of the boys. They suited up for the snow, though sandals still adorned their feet! Here they are checking out the tiny flakes (which you could barely see) and examining the icy frost it created on everything.


Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

We didn't get any tiny snow, but my van was frozen in the driveway!

Holly said...

That picture of Lorn with his arms up looks just like Mike. I'm glad you guys got a little bit of snow. We have been getting a lot this year and I think we may actually have a white Christmas this year. Hope you're feeling well!


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