Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing outside up North

Silly mom thought that June was summer weather and only packed shorts & t-shirts. Dinoguy informed me that it was too cold for that and got a pair of pants from Fishing Grandma. Then Uncle M taught him to use a hoe and he had some fun weeding the garden for a while.

Trainboy plays in the hammock while Dinoguy works. (Notice he doesn't mind the "cold"!)

Penny & Hobbes are stalking a squirrel here I think. They are amusing hunters to watch, Penny being a pointer and Hobbes thinking he can jump up and bite the squirrel out of the tree.

A view of the flooded river. This is a few days after the latest rain, so it is actually down a bit. I just was lazy about taking a picture. The river should end at the first bit of grass you see, and seeing any grass from the marsh beyond it is how I know its down. It rained again the day after we got there and it looked like we were next to a lake instead of a river.

Uncle M tries to play with Trainboy in the hammock. He tells him "You're messing up my groove man!" and sends him off.

A compromise of sorts is reached by the two - it looks to me like Trainboy worked the cute boy mojo though. Now he's got Uncle M gently swinging him in the hammock. Awesome.

(And Dinoguy is weeding the entire time.)


The Kane Family said...

what a pretty place!

Roni said...

Wow, that's a lot of water.

Trainboy has the right idea!

I may need to hire Dinoguy to come work on my garden!! :-)


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